Invasive Plant Task Force - James River Park System

Join us!

volunteers workingBelle Isle, Pony Pasture, Reedy Creek, Huguenot Flatwater, Great Shiplock . . . They give you so much. Can you give them something back?

Volunteer with the Task Force.

Of everything it takes to fight back against invasive plants in the park system, volunteers are the most indispensable. The Task Force is volunteer-driven and volunteers are the backbone of our projects and progress.

Saving trees and reclaiming ground from smothering vines or clearing out dense thickets of choking shrubs to prepare for a restoration planting may be the most directly satisfying and meaningful way you can show your park system some love.

Task Force members will provide training, tools, and lots of encouragement. Check out our calendar for upcoming work days at our project areas.

Please do not undertake unauthorized invasive removal in the park system on your own. The Task Force works strategically in targeted places according to evidence-based methods specific to the invasive species, seasonal timing, and other factors, prioritizing key goals and protecting sensitive resources.